Conserve Energy and Save the Environment on the Go

1) Conserve energy and buy a hybrid or solar powered car. Hybrid cars like the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius Hybrid are inexpensive and they conserve energy. These smart cars use a combination of electric power and gasoline and often have better gas mileage. The new Honda Civic Hybrid gets 45 MPG on the highway. Hybrid cars have been on the market for several years, so you can buy cheap hybrids, at used car prices.

2) Schedule regular tune-ups for your car to conserve energy and get better fuel mileage. Turn off the air conditioning and roll down the windows when possible. Opt for window tinting to keep your car cool. Dark colored cars hold more heat, so choose lighter colored cars.

3) Whenever possible, use public transportation, ride a bike, walk, or carpool. You will conserve non-renewable energy, protect the environment, and save on gas. You will also improve your health when you opt to ride a bike or walk.

4) Save energy and the environment by using reusable grocery bags instead of paper or plastic. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2001 the U.S. consumed 500 billion to nearly a trillion in plastic bags, with millions littering sidewalks, trees, beaches, and parks.

Reusable shopping bags are made out of canvas, mesh, or cloth. Reusable grocery bags, especially canvas, are durable and inexpensive. You can find cheap, reusable shopping bags in a variety of colors and designs. Some companies sell canvas, mesh, or cloth grocery bags in bulk.

5) Instead of buying cases of plastic water bottles, purchase a refillable water bottle or thermos to save money and energy on plastics. Refillable water bottles are inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean.

6) When going to a restaurant, avoid using Styrofoam cups. Styrofoam pollutes the environment and depletes the ozone layer. Some restaurants serve beverages in paper cups that are made from recycled materials. Eat at restaurants that recycle materials or use your own refillable water bottle. At some restaurants, you can save money and conserve energy by using your own refillable water bottle.

7) When packing lunches, use a reusable lunch bag or box, and store sandwiches in Tupperware instead of Ziploc bags.

8) For school and office supplies, buy notepads made with recycled paper. Conserve paper use by writing on the back of notebook pages.

9) Recycle ink cartridges at the office to conserve plastic and save money. Stores offer discounts or store credit to businesses that recycle ink cartridges. When possible, have your company purchase 100% recycled paper.