Conserve Energy and Save the Environment by Recycling

Recycling conserves energy because it limits the amount of electricity and resources used to make product. You can recycle just about anything, and some companies will even give you discounts when you recycle. Many retailers offer products made from recycled materials too.

1) Recycle plastic – Collect soda bottles, water bottles, water bottle caps, plastic, grocery bags, milk and juice jugs, detergent containers, and vegetable oil bottles.

2) Recycle aluminum – Recycled aluminum soda cans can be used to make bicycles, planes, cars, boats, computers, cookware, and electrical wires. Producing these items with scrap aluminum conserves energy and costs less for manufacturers.

3) Recycle paper – For every ton of paper recycled, 17 trees live. Paper production harms the environment by using up nonrenewable resources and upsetting the earth’s natural habitat. Recycle paper from old notebooks, newspapers, cardboard boxes, greeting cards, paper cups, and from your computer’s printer. You can purchase 100% recycled copy paper and buy notebooks made using recycled paper.

4) Recycle electronics such as old cell phones, cell phone chargers and accessories, rechargeable batteries, your television, DVD or VCR player, or computer. Many charities collect these items, and popular electronic stores have recycling bins inside their store locations.